Little Stars Child Care Centre

1 Querrin Ave, Willetton WA 6155
Phone - 08 9354 1072

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Welcome to Little Stars Child Care Centre

It is the goal of this centre to provide an environment that is enriching and fulfilling for all the centre users. The family is seen as a unit and each child is recognised as a unique individual. Families, parents and staff will endeavour to work together to ensure that the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the child are considered first priority of the curriculum. All children are encouraged to develop their own personality to hold their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs. It is our belief that children should be given opportunities to be involved in making decisions about how they spend their time. The provision of an interesting and challenging environment will enable children to make wise choices about their learning activities..... More


Educational Program and Practices

  • Our curriculum enhances each child's learning and development.
  • Each child's current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of the program. Educators use intentional teaching to scaffold and extend each child's learning.

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Children's Health and Safety

  • Each child's health is promoted and supported
  • Effective hygiene practices are promoted and implemented
  • Healthy eating and physical activity are embedded in the program for children.
  • Physical activity is promoted through planned and sponta

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Physical Environment

  • Located in a quiet street opposite to a park
  • Outdoor and indoor spaces, buildings, furniture, equipment, facilities and resources are suitable for their purpose.
  • The environment is inclusive, promotes competence, independent exploration and learning through play.

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Educators and Staff Members

  • All our educators are qualified with many years of experience.
  • Educators, Coordinators and staff members are respectful and ethical.
  • There is continuity of educators and coordinators at the service.

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