Long Term Outcomes

  • To provide an environment where foundations of respect for others and diversity, inclusivity and equity are established.
  • To develop an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and Being.
  • To provide opportunities for learning that is age and stage appropriate through a wide range of activities and to develop the love of learning, challenging experiences, foster thinking and problem solving will be incorporated into our programs.
  • To develop Holistic approaches to learning and to adapt Pedagogical practices to promote children’s learning
  • To encourage family involvement and collaboration in the education of their children.
  • To share pride in the growth of our community by recognising and meeting local community needs and encouraging community participation in the operation of the centre.
  • To promote sustainable use of resources and to develop and implement sustainable practices.
  • To support children to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.
  • To encourage use of information and communication technologies to access information, investigate ideas and represent their thinking.